How to Pick a Suitable Lighted Mirror

Why we use the mirrors every day? Because we want to see the real you through the mirror, so that we need to choose a best and suitable mirror for yourself  and the bathroom. Therefore, you can see your face and apply the makeup rightly. In the past years, many people choose the old-fashioned mirrors as their makeup tool, but this kind of mirrors is difficult to see your face clearly. But now you have more choices, especially the LED mounted mirrors, which can help you apply makeup and see your face better. Thus, you can see the image of the faces easily. The most important point is the vanity lighted mirror should be placed in a right location. With the development of LED technology, you can pick the any shape lighted mirrors and place them in any location. What should be cared when we choose a bathroom lighted mirror?


Overview of lighted mirrors

Mirrors with lights are used to give some lighting in dark rooms. We can get a better vision, and then we also can do those things accurately. Nowadays, the lighted mirrors are in many different shapes and sizes, which you can choose the one that you like best. Bathroom lighted mirror will be put above the sink, and a lot of people will use the mirror for making up, brushing, getting dressed etc.

We all know that the mirrors are the most important part in the bathroom decoration. These lighted mirrors can bring a huge influence on the bathroom. Therefore, it is very important to pick the best one. By the way, if you don’t have any idea about the shapes, sizes, you also can explore the led mirrors online or look for them in the real shop in advance.

Considering factors while choosing a lighted mirrors. And the following thoughts can help you to pick a right mirror for your need.


  • Mirrors’ Type: In normal, there have two types of mirrors, they are wall-mounted lighted mirrors and counter-top lighted mirrors. If you have many stuff in your bathroom, a wall-mounted mirror is the best choice. Otherwise you can choose a counter-top mirror if they have enough space. In the same way, the size of the mirror should be considered while choosing.
  • Mirrors’ Size: If you buy a mirror just for your makeup, a small mirror with 5 inches diameter is the good choice for this needs. But, if you choose the mirror for hair styling,  you’d better pick mirrors that have diameter of more than 8 inches. If the mirror is used in the bathroom, you’d better to measure your bathroom space before buying .
  • Mirrors’ design: In the case of design, we can pick anything we want. Such as the lighted mirrors, there have many designs, round, vertical, or horizontal. In fact, even oval shape mirrors, we can buy them indeed. What’s more, you also should choose a LED mirror which can suits the wall decoration.
  • Save Energy: When we use the backlit mirror, we both hope it can use less energy. Generally LED lights are being implemented in the best lighted makeup mirror and it will be the best choice for the energy efficient illumination. And lots of mirrors will have fluorescent bulbs and this will also use less amount of electricity. Moreover, these lights won’t give out heat and disturb you when you are using it.

Benefits of LED Lighted Mirrors

We all found that LEDs has became one of the most important and popular technological achievements in recent years. At the same time, LEDs are used into many different ways because they have a long-term life. With the development of LEDs‘ technology, many people both choose the LED mirrors for the bathrooms. And more and more lighted mirrors are be used in daily life. The backlit mirrors can help you makeup better and make your bathroom more brighter. But why so many people choose the vanity mirrors, there have 5 most important benefits of bathroom lighted mirrors, which better than the classic mirrors.

Long-time Life

One of the most important advantages is the LED lighted mirrors have a long-time life. According to the data, we can know that the bulbs can be used up to 100 thousand hours, so bathroom lighted mirrors also have such a long-life time. Their long-term life can make you save much money on the bathroom renovation, and also can make us use the energy efficiently.

The Low Emissions

In general, incandescent lights are responsible for giving out too much heat, at the same time, they are also harmful UVs. But the LEDs won’t make this situation happened. Because they have a different working ways, they’ll give out less UV, so that there will have less harmful for our body. Therefore, you won’t be worried about the lighted mirrors which is hanging on your bathroom wall, they are safe enough, and you won’t be harm by this kind of mirror.

Save Energy

Nowadays, more and more people use the LED lighted mirror, because LEDs have another important benefit – save energy. When you step into your bathroom in the evening, you don’t want to open the lights, but you can open your LED mirror’s light, they won’t spent you too much electricity, and then you can use it even if in the night.



It is a very important aspect when we choose a suitable mirror. You should consider the durability of mirrors. And a LED mirror must be a good choice for your bathroom, because it’s durable. According to your will, the lights of the mirror can be switched on and off. To some extent, this will make the lighted mirror has a longer lifetime. What’s more, when you turned on the mirrors, each LED operates instantly at full capacity, and also make them have a long-term life, and make them more durable.

Flexible Than the Classic Mirrors

Not like the normal mirrors, bathroom lighted mirrors can come in all shapes and sizes. Such as, round, vertical, horizontal, they are both can be choose now. What’s more, LED mirrors can produce more than many colors, not only the white light. Because diodes can make different colors, which could make the mirrors can be choose the color that you like.

Now that, the LED technology can provide so many functions, why not to choose one for your beautiful bathroom now?

How to Choose a Perfect Mirror

Do you want to make your bathroom looks more beautiful than before in this new season? But you don’t do many changes because you don’t have much spare time to renovate the bathroom, do you?  And have you think about change the bathroom by using a suitable mirror? We have a wide range of bathroom lighted mirrors, which can make the bathroom become charming.


There is no doubt that it’s good to place the vanity lighted mirror where it will be the most practical for your needs. Such as, put it above the basin or close to the window, which is convenient for your makeup. These places are the best choice, but you should consider your own bathroom’s condition. If your bathroom is large enough, you may need a wall-mounted LED mirror. Many people don’t know how to choose a perfect backlit mirror, so we will introduce how to select the best mirror for the bathroom.

People who Likes to Makeup

If you really like to make up yourself, you need a good bathroom lighted mirror. Even if you have a bunch of space, you also should a suitable LED mirror for your bathroom. Because this kind of mirror will be right up your street. The focal point of every girl’s bathroom, the bright, round bulbs provide lighting, soft and comfortable, are perfect for applying makeup. And at the same time, this mirror also provides a good level of reflective lighting for bathroom space. What’s more, this kind of mirror also will make you guests feel relaxing and comfortable when they are using the mirrors. When you select the LED mirrors, you should pay attention to the lighting. More light will be placed onto your forehead and dark shadows will be cast below your chin and eyes.


For a Small Bathroom

The ultra-slim mirrors are the good choice for a small bathroom. And nowadays, this kind of mirror include many different shapes, such as, square, circular, etc. They are both suit for each small bathroom.

For Trendsetters

If you are a trendsetter, and you always submit to the latest trends and look for new products for your lovely home, circular and infinity mirrors are the latest addition to the bathroom. Available in both circular and rectangular models, the rectangular mirrors can be hung both portrait or landscape and these frameless mirrors offer the perfect reflection when turned off.

The Techies

Have you seen some passages about the benefits of the mirrors. If you want to play your lovely playlist when you are taking a shower, a bluetooth mirror is your best choice. You can play music when you are having a shower, which  will make you have a good shower time. This kind of mirror is the techies’ best choice.  Do you want to improve your life quality, choose this mirror won’t be wrong.


In a conclusion, whichever mirror you choose for your bathroom, you should think about what type of mirror is you really needs, and consider the shape, size and function of the mirrors totally.